The first Lenta's accelerator
for international innovative food and beverages


Lenta (MOEX & LSE: LNTA) is the largest hypermarket chain in Russia and the fourth largest retail chain in the country in terms of revenue
  • Revenue in 2020
    6+ bln USD
  • Loyalty card
    active buyers
    19 mln / year
  • Number of
  • Number of
  • Total store
    1.7 mln sq m
  • Geography
    88 cities
  • Number of
    distribution centers

About Project

We are looking for
ready innovative food and beverages
  • Functional ready meals
  • Plant-based alternatives to animal products
  • Expanded shelf life with new ingredients / processing / packaging technologies
  • Eco-packaging
  • Sugarfree products and sugar substitutes
  • Fermented ingredients
  • Personalized nutrition
  • Functional and new drinks
  • Fermented foods and drinks
  • Fast meal replacements
  • Packaged sensors
  • Food constructors
  • Superfood ingredients
  • Gene technology
  • And much more
A placement with appropriate communication will be allocated during the test period for innovative products with the greatest potential.

Terms & Conditions

  • Products with a unique recipe or innovative packaging, which are not represented in federal retail chains of the Russian Federation.
  • Availability of documents confirming the quality of goods and sufficient production facilities for mass production
  • Readiness for the supply of goods to the Warehouse of "Lenta" (for the manufacturers of Russia ) and export products to the Russian Federation (for foreign manufacturers)


Have you previously sent a commercial offer to “LENTA”:
Production of Private Label:
Exclusive for 18 months:
Marketing support:
Attach the presentation and price list (formats: pdf, jpg, png, ppt, doc, xls. No more than 30 MB, no more than 20 files)
Readiness to provide an exclusive for 18 months, provide marketing support and supply products under Private Label "Lenta" will be a significant factor when choosing a supplier